Finding Events and Charities for My Boss to Attend and Give to

I find things for my boss to participate in when it comes to charities. He likes to enjoy an event and then help a worthy charity in the process. I was looking for some fashion shows in Denver that were being promoted around a cause when I found an event for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America that was being put on. It would have exotic cars and things along those lines, and that was right up my boss’s alley. It was also going to showcase luxury villas and private jets. These are things my boss is interested in and can afford.

I actually give to the Boys and Girls Clubs on a donation basis, but this gala event made it attractive for my boss to participate in. Continue reading

3 Top Tips – Optimum Eyeshadow Color and Style

Hasil gambar untuk Optimum Eyeshadow Color and StyleChoosing the best shade of eyeshadow for you makes all of the difference between looking like you are a fashion sensation or a fashion emergency, so how do you choose wisely? Here are some practical makeup tips to keep in mind in order to enhance your true beauty.

1) Follow the latest makeup trends, without going to extremes.

One top makeup trend of 2012 has been introducing variations of a color referred to as “flame orange” by Gucci and Hermes, among other designers. Everyone can wear orange eyeshadow; the question is, which shade? In order to pick the right one, eye color is the primary deciding factor, as well as skin tone color. For you lucky ladies with blue eyes, this is a perfect complementary color for you, so you can experiment with all shades of orange and easily pull them off. Women with green eyes also do well with many varieties of orange, and brown eyed beauties can also enjoy some shades of this color.

Orange eyeshadow is a sharply contrasting color, so it should counterbalance your skin tone. The darker your skin color is, the more vibrant shades

Fashion and Culture

Hasil gambar untuk Fashion and CultureWhat is the use of fashion? Fashion is the style of human behaviour, popular during usually short period of time. If during a certain period, people begin to put on bell-bottom trousers, wear spectacles with large, disc like glasses,or keep their hats tilted, they are doing so because it is the current craze.

Fashions originate in man’s age-old wish to look distinct and attractive. Naturally, they are more popular with women. It is said that the chameleon does not change its colour as quickly as a woman wears out a new fashion, but men too, can’t plead innocence.

Let us look at the popularity of fashion from another point of view. They are popular with the youth, because in young people the urge of showing themselves off is the strongest. Children are too small to be aware of it, while the aged are too old to pay any serious thought to it. The young, on the other hand, find life enjoyable and want to enjoy it more by adding to its colourfulness. They adopt all sorts of devices to look attractive.

Latest fashions are popular in big cities rather than small towns and villages.

Art And Fashion And Teenagers

Fashion can be very well considered a form of art as through it one can express your feelings and your personality. But how can a teenage girl decide what is best for her to wear? And for that matter how can older women do it?

This actually depends on a number of things starting with the personal style, favorite materials, patterns and colors and last but not least the budget. Every one of these things is very important and not to be taken lightly. When you are young it is particularly difficult to decide what are the clothes that best suit you and what you should wear and when. However, you may receive a helping hand from your mother or at least from the multitude of fashion blogs, magazines and TV shows.

One of the basic things that every young girl should learn is that there are some rules to clothes combining. For instance, the three color rule: try to create outfits that have three basic colors; five or more colors will only make you look like a parrot. Also, combining patters like a zebra print with a leopard print will only make you look silly.

Also, there are some basic clothing items

4 Modern Hot Looks for Women Who Wear Designer Jeans

Hasil gambar untuk Modern Hot Looks for Women Who Wear Designer JeansWhen you wear skinny jeans, jean short shorts, jean skirts and jeggings with a sexy pair of heels, platforms or wedges you get a great modern look. If you are heavier in the mid section, such as myself, you can still wear these styles. Just make sure you wear a top that is more conservative meaning a no mid showing tops or a longer top.

When women wear skinny jeans it is important to get the right top and shoes. You want to make your outfit flatter your body. For a night out on the town wear a sparkly top with your skinny jeans and a pair of matching platforms (good for dancing). You also want to have a nice set of accessories. If your top is sparkly have a sparkly purse.

For a day into town were a pair of destroyed skinny jeans with one or two designer tank top or cami. Wear a plain tank under and a nice designer tank or cami on top. Depending on the weather if it’s cooler you can add a nice designer light outer wear jean jacket

The Popularity of Sunglasses – Perfect Combination of Fashion and Function

Hasil gambar untuk Perfect Combination of Fashion and FunctionNowadays, sunglasses are very popular, especially with the fashion young people, who wear sunglasses indoors or outdoors daily. But do you know what they wear sunglasses for? In fact, the popularity of sunglasses is because of its compatibility between fashion and function. The followings are the three main popular reasons.

1. For fashion

No doubt that the prime popular reason for wearing sunglasses is the fashion trends. As accessories, a right pair of glasses can make you look smart. They come in many different shapes, colors, sizes and styles to satisfy different tastes. Many types of sunglasses are available for you to choose, such as clip-on glasses, flip-up glasses and aviators, etc. There are also a wide variety of colored frames for you to select to suit the shape of your face and your personal taste. In addition, several types of lenses can be fitted as sunglasses to suit many different lifestyles.

2. For practical use – wear sport-specific shades for outdoor workouts

Sunglasses provide more of a purpose while they are usually considered as a fashion accessory to just make people look smart. They can also act as a

Learn to Style Your Hair Like Celebrities

Hasil gambar untuk Learn to Style Your Hair Like CelebritiesSedu is a brand of flat iron and hair styling tools that provide smooth, sleek hairstyles. It gives you a creative and gorgeous look easily and quickly. These sedu looks are made famous by many film actresses such as Jennifer Ainston.

Sedu is so popular for its high end technology in hair styling and design. Here is how it works: these sedu flat irons are able to reach maximum heat within no-time by omitting negative ions for protection. They use fine special plates that gives your hair fizz-free look without breaking and catching the hair.

Types of sedu hair styles:

There are mainly six shapes of faces that are considered while styling your hair. They are oblang, square, heart shaped, pear shaped, round, and oval shaped faces. Based on these shapes you can choose which style suits your face best.

Based on these face shapes three hairstyles are usually suggested by sedu brand people. The three styles are (1) casual and sleek, (2) chic, (3) the updo bun.

Here are the procedures to these sedu hair styles:


– Start with conditioner shampoo to your hair for at

Beauty and Style That Will Make You Look Different

Hasil gambar untuk Beauty and Style That Will Make You Look DifferentBeauty has no exact definition, as different people are beautiful in different ways, owing to looks or styles unique to each personality. Beauty is a quality that always gives pleasure to the beholder, generates positive energy and holds aesthetic values that are immeasurable.

What is style? Style is the appearance of a person, characterized by their expressions, personality, mannerisms and most importantly, their taste in cloths and accessories. In other words, style defines a person’s beauty as much as natural appeal, especially in today’s world.

Beauty and style is a very important aspect in today’s society. Everybody likes to be noticed, especially women. We all like to indulge ourselves in order to be noticed for beauty and style.

What makes someone stand out from a regular person? Read on to learn a few tips on beauty and style that will help get you noticed in a crowd.

Stay in Fashion

Stay up to date on latest trends, and apply them in your day to day fashion, enhancing it with your own personal touch. But never forget to make sure to stay within limits that suite your body shape