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For all of you guys: So poor old Stack is gone, He's now in his last hole; And the pimps and whores all say, "Lord, have mercy on his soul. Put me in a hook-shop, Turn the girlies loose; I couldn't get a job like that, So self-abuse. Must you go in for all these fashions Just to arouse our baser passions? When Adam was on earth, Before paper was invented, He wiped his ass On a wisp of grass And went away contented. Frankie stood before the Justice, Just as bold as brass; "I didn't shoot him in any degree, Just in his big fat bottle and glass, He was my man, And he was doing me wrong. But now those days are gone forever, Those youthful days of joy and fun; Now all my bones are stiff and tender:

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And that's the reason why A dog will leave a nice fat bone To smell another's asshole, In hopes to find his own.

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Mother save your daughter, She is crying for some more; She might fall into the gutter— But what are the gutters for? When on each passage you swell. A princess who ruled in Algiers Had bushels of dirt in her ears ; The tail of her shirty Was also quite dirty, She never had washed it in years. Captiain Kirk was a space pimp! Seth Posluns Erica and Ross calliope Bean, the dog. There was an old woman Who lived in a shoe, She had so many kids She didn't know what to do. Hot showers in the mornings help the arthritis!

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