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He was naked his thin wiry very dark body was covered in sweat and hiscock now long but flaccid hung between his legs. I sighed with each pleasurable stroke, squeeze and twist of his magic fingers. He massaged firmly along my calves to the back of my knees and above keeping a steady pressure and rhythm. The men chattered around me in their local dialect. I had now been in India for 2 weeks. I am an atheist, socialist, secular humanist, empiricist,

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Hebegan to ram into me.

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I was not lubricated. He asked me to open mylegs so that he could play with my slit. He was a man of the community, working with charities in his village when time permitted. Fucking My Sister Megha. I stroked and squeezed his hard cock. I wandered back down the boat to the bows where I got into conversation with the captain. He had had me now so therewas no need to be polite anymore.

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