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I also like bad horror! Hot though technically cold and rotting zombabes are no exception! There is something so remarkably satisfying about watching brainless, selfish people die in brutal fashion. Steve calmly went up to him and told the farmer he was there to buy a cow for milk and for fertilizer. Waiting for its head. I would greatly appreciate any ounce of support you could provide. When the Zombie Apocalypse does happen, I really hope all the zombies are this hot.

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Nevertheless, even with these facets, the execution see what I did there, ha ha was the bleeding duke of atrocious craftsmanship.

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Sexy Zombie Girls

This anime is horrible. Nothing is better than an undead zombie chick. She was about to turn around and bang on his door before she saw the sun rising up. We could have cheered. Where do I begin with this review?

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  1. It seems jessica enjoyed every moment of the "abuse" and seemed to want more !!!