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No, that's not a taffy floor painted to look like wood grain, and it's not the work of one man and a chisel. Still, if you look away from the picture, then look back, your brain will tell you it's a two-headed rhino again. It's covering an apartment building undergoing renovation in Paris. It's a barreleye fishand you can see through its head. The Cerne Abbas giantfor instance, has been around for centuries nobody is sure who made it. Only these worlds took thousands of hours of painstaking, meticulous detailing. Two guys at a percent-scale wax museum?

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It's from a series of images that photographer Andrey Pavlov took outside his house, after studying and then making an art project out of a real live ant colony. Basically what you're seeing behind the trees isn't the sky, it's a sand dune the white blotches are patches of white grass. That's the work of artist Eric Testroete, who made it for a Halloween costume, at the risk of a whole bunch of GoldenEye veterans suddenly having an urge to shoot him in the crotch. When you absolutely, positively have to give a volcano a prostate massage. The snake "eyes" are just spots on the caterpillar's sides.

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