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Increasing exposure of the traditionally conservative Arab sector to the Western culture of modern Israel might impact on and be reflected in the drinking patterns of these two populations. Significantly higher rates of drinking were noted for secular men and women than for religious respondents in both nationality groups. Some clinics also have separate hours for men and women. Christians in Israel may seek official separations or divorces only through the ecclesiastical courts of the denomination to which they belong. Julia Glushkothree-time Israeli tennis champion.

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Still, it trails far behind the Scandinavian countries ' 40 percent average.

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Women in Israel

Even though Miller did not pass the exams, the ruling was a watershed, opening doors for women in the IDF. Have you ever seen a female surgeon or a female being a conductor of an orchestra? Outline Index Book Category Portal. Cabinet of IsraelPolitics of Israeland Israeli system of government. If implemented, the guidelines would change many aspects of daily life in Israel, where gender segregation is allowed on buses, at funerals, in health care and on radio airwaves. InIsrael's attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein, advised ministers across the government to end gender segregation in public spaces.

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