Regret not dating more

Being a swinging single is a nice idea in the abstract, I'm sure it works just fine for lots of people, and I'm equally sure that some of those people will look at stories like yours and mine and shake their heads in pity. In all the wrong ways. No I never wish I had more partners. Can we just so promiscuous? If you've held out for your entire 20's, it seems to me that you're really not that curious except in passing momentsor that something is holding you back from exploring something you want and need to explore. Of course we don't know everything, but from what you've said, it doesn't really seem like you guys are in a true relationship -- there isn't really any serious commitment between you two you don't live together, she doesn't want to get marriedand it seems like she's not going to want to change that any time soon.

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Lyra July 15,9:

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10 30-Somethings Reveal The Biggest Relationship Regret Of Their 20s

Ironically, it started with telling a friend of mine who would have been terrible for me that I had feelings for him. Could I have made a few better decisions, like be nicer to my sister? I have never felt the desire to be wild. If she's sort of intent on never having sex and never getting married to a seemingly decent guy like you whom she's known forever, then will she ever want it?! Pimple Popper's husband - who is also a dermatologist - insists she's not a 'popaholic' and doesn't bring her work home with her Only fools would miss this: Skyblossom July 16,9:

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regret not dating more
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regret not dating more
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