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She'd just listened to Sakura, one of her closest friends, and Naruto, her first love, having sex in their bedroom and it was seriously getting to her. I sure hope that was as intense and last time My whole body belongs to you and only you! Sakura then stuffed the blue dildo deep inside of Hinata's big ass. He then proceeded to put his hat on top of his head, completing the display that his lover had requested.

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She began massaging her boobs as well, but to no avail she couldn't make it in time and Naruto and Sakura had came in each other.

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Was she really enjoying having Naruto's finger inside her ass? Sakura noticed this and came up with an idea. Naruto was still lost in shock, but he had to admit that she wasn't wrong. Never before had she blushed so hard. Considering Hinata's boobs were probably the largest he had ever seen it took almost no time at all before Naruto was reaching his limit. They were both moaning louder and louder in pleasure, with Naruto able to feel something building up again in his balls, and Sakura able to feel something in the pit of her stomach.

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naruto little sakura anal
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